About Guldteknik

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Since 1986.

Guldteknik has manufactured jewellery in precious metals since 1986. In the beginning, we made tools for the jewellery industry. This production was later developed into its own production of semi-finished and finished jewellery. Today, Guldteknik has its own production of a great width of basic finished goods. The company also conducts its own production through a well-developed network in Asia. Guldteknik is one of the leading actors and manufacturers in Europe. Our concept is characterized by low prices, high quality, fast deliveries and impeccable service. This is what we believe in and work for.

Why Guldteknik?


The company started three decades ago as a manufacturer of stamping tools. Because of this, great knowledge about effective production is the very basis of the company.


We love our production and we love our jewellery. However, we are most proud of our quality. Our Nordic soul is infused in every step of our offering, ensuring quality products.


Delivery time is more important than ever for our customers. We respect this and have created a production- and service chain that enables high delivery performance.


Whilst the quality and delivery times are important, it is hard to beat low prices. By controlling the entire value chain this is one of our strongest selling points. We guarantee a low price.